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About us

What is Gurubeam?

Gurubeam is exactly what we do and are passionate about.

We find the most important and value-creating knowledge from team development Gurus. Knowledge, we Beam into teams in the most effective way - completely without all the superfluous. Knowledge that helps leaders and HR managers to succeed in developing their teams.

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Gurubeam was created from the combination of frustration over the challenges of traditional team development and years of experience and passion for creating and developing strong, healthy and loyal working relationships.


The frustrations: Teams and leaders rarely have oceans of time to invest in team development. As a result, most teams can be and function much better than they do. We know that happy teams, who use their skills and personalities correctly, perform better and require very little leadership. But far too many miss it because resources like time, finances and practicalities make traveling there difficult.

Smart team development: We learn best when we feel engaged and apply what we learn immediately. Commitment is increased when we learn together - in fact, the learning outcome increases by up to 70% when learning becomes a social activity. Therefore, each Beam is action-focused, so that learning is translated into concrete and practical tools immediately - together.


Gurubeam has cut the fat away from team development and made it fun, efficient and extremely rewarding - without unnecessary frills.

Gurubeam was created in frustration


Hi! My name is Daniel Baun and I am the CEO and founder of Gurubeam.

After several years as a consultant and manager, I got the opportunity to become HR manager in one of the fastest growing companies in Denmark.

Moving fast while developing teams was an exciting but big challenge. Very big.

When I wrote my first book, Heartcore Business, it became clear to me that my passion is to develop people through in-depth theoretical knowledge. But my work taught me that humans do not evolve with the nose deep in a theory book. They evolve as they communicate, reflect, and use themselves.

With that knowledge, mixed with frustration over the lack of tools to help my team grow at the same pace as the company, I developed the first Beams in the early morning hours before work. I tested them in my team and found that it worked better than I had hoped. Much better.

My Beams gave great results for us. But did other companies experience the frustrations I felt before then? I set out on a journey to find out.

Fortunately, they did.

Welcome to Gurubeam.

Daniel Baun, CEO & Founder of Gurubeam
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