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We're nothing without a great team! 

That is why we've made it easy to develop teams so that they become better at being teams - whether you meet in the office or online.

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You're not the only one taking team development seriously...

Arne Elkjær Engineering does Gurubeam
Mekoprint does Gurubeam
PufinID does Gurubeam

Why not be the leader your team brags about?

91.7% of employees will choose a leader who prioritizes team development and collaboration - and with good reason! These leaders create high work joy, loyal teams and outstanding results.

Smart Team Developement 

No consultants, big budgets or time wasters!

Why spend time and money on something you don't really need? Our journey is different - without unnecessary frill. Develop your team together, online or on site, with 60-90 minutes of effective, targeted and value-creating team sessions.

Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, we said it! Team development must be a safe investment of time and money.

At Gurubeam you get absolute value for your money. Therefore, we guarantee measurable or noticeable effects - or your money back.

Can't gather the troops at the office? No problem! 

You can easily develop your teams online or remote.
Gurubeam works like a charm on ..

Gurubeam team development via Microsoft teams
Gurubeam team development via Zoom
Gurubeam team development via Slack
Gurubeam team development via Skype
Gurubeam team development via Google Meet

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We're happy to help you plan the process or make smart decisions in your team development. 

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  • How the course fits with your particular team.
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  • How other teams have used the course.
  • How to engage your own team in creating a better team.
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We simply thrive when our customers succeed!

Hear What They Have to Say about Us

Sebatian Petersen Trendhim CEO, Customer at Gurubeam
"Better than consultants"

"Gurubeam is sharp and to the point
- often better than consultants."

Sebastian Petersen, CEO - Trendhim

Christian Degn Vester CEO at Easy Live Sales, Customer at Gurubeam
"Most will greatly benefit from Gurubeam"

"As a Management Consultant, I have met many leaders and teams. Most will greatly benefit from Gurubeam!"

Christian Degn Vester, CEO - Easy Live Sales

Allen Wildes Copywriter at Superb, Customer at Gurubeam
"I use what I learned every day"

"The Beams was amazing, and I use what I learned every day. Can't wait for the next session!"

Allen Wildes, Copywriter - Superb

Anders Fogh CEO at Startup Central, Customer at Gurubeam
"Exciting and fun!"

"We find it both exciting and fun!"

Anders Fogh, CEO - Startup Central

Flemming Bentzen Senior Lecturer at VIA University College, Customer at Gurubeam
"Great level"

"Gurubeam has a really great level."

Flemming Bentzen, Senior Lecturer - VIA University College

Team Development Exactly the Way You Want


Developing All Kinds of Teams Together 



The Team

Start to continuously develop permanent teams or an entire department.

Create a better community, cooperation and a culture with a focus on learning and development.

The Company

It does not have to be difficult and comprehensive to get an entire company to understand the same thing.

Train everyone in the most important parts, and help teams and leaders to success.

The Management Team

It's a strong start to use Gurubeams in a leadership team and then take it out to teams and departments.

Strong management teams manage and develop stronger, better and healthier teams. So why not start with the leaders?

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