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We make team development simple for some of the best workplaces.
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Your Employees Want a Leader With a Focus on Development


of employees find active team development important or directly decisive in their choice of workplace


of them wish, that it's their leader, who facilitates it.

The High Performance Teams Series does the job for you.

You get access to an online facilitated team development course, which you can take together one hour at a time - whether you meet physically, online or somewhere in between.

Then you get the most out of your team development budget - and at the same time you ensure your team effective and engaging team development that creates great results.


»We want to be a fantastic workplace and a good business.

To succeed in this, we must have the right people and give them the opportunities to perform optimally. Gurubeam is absolutely one of the tools that supports it!"

Kasper Fey-Hansen, Arne Elkjær Engineers

The road to happy, loyal, and productive employees starts with Gurubeam


What do you get?

  • 12 months access to the High Performance Teams Series
  • 100% online facilitated development of your team
  • Highly engaging team exercises that ensure long-lasting effect

  • Full Personal Support
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5 Sessions

Five highly engaging sessions
with premium content

1 Hour

A session is designed to take approx. one hour to complete

Social Learning

Each session consists of 20% knowledge & 80% team exercises

100% Online

Flexible platform for onsite and remote teams


The sessions are available in English and Danish

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High Performance Teams

Exceptionelt gode teams er stærkt fokuserede på deres mål og opnår overlegne forretningsresultater.

Forløbet giver jer redskaberne til at skabe og udvikle netop den slags teams.

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Sæt fokus på mål og formål

Er I en gruppe eller et team? Og hvad er det, I er samlet for at skabe?

Et stærkt resultatfokus er fundamentet for, at et team præsterer godt. Jo bedre teams, desto bedre resultater.

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High Performance Teams

Exceptionally great teams are strongly focused on their goals and achieve superior business results.

The Series gives you the tools to create and develop just that kind of team.


Focus on goals and purpose

Do you focus on the team's joint results? And what is it that you are gathered to create?

A strong focus on results is the foundation for a team to perform well. The better the teams, the better the results.


Groundbreaking team trust

What kind of trust do you have in each other? And how do you use it best in the team?

Trust is much more than just trusting each other. And that is simply fundamental for a strong team.

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Gør konflikterne kloge og løsningsfokuserede

Har I den slags konflikter, der gør jer stærkere og bedre sammen?

Konflikter er svære at undgå. Langt de færreste er kloge. Særligt stærke teams bruger dem til at blive bedre.

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Forpligt jer til succes

Er I forpligtede til hinanden og til jeres fælles mål?

Engagerede teams præsterer særligt godt, fordi de er stærkt forpligtede til deres team, arbejde og mål.

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Smart and solutions-focused conflicts

Do you have those kinds of conflicts that make you stronger and better together?

Conflicts are hard to avoid. By far the few are wise. Particularly strong teams use them to get better.


Commitment to success

Are you committed to each other and to your common goals?

Committed teams perform particularly well because they are strongly committed to their team, work and goals.


Shared team ownership

What do you expect from each other? And who takes responsibility?

Teams that lift in droves and take ownership of the team's joint success create great results – and require minimal leadership.

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What is a High Performance Team?

High Performance Teams perform at an extraordinarily high level.

They have sublime professional and personal confidence and trust in each other, so conflicts and disagreements become solutions rather than hard knots. They work purposefully to create results based on the team's joint success and are deeply committed to each other and their purpose. The need for management, rules and guidelines is extremely small.

In short, they thrive and use their special strengths to jointly create extraordinary value for their surroundings.

What is online team development?

Online team development conveys digital learning through social learning.

The method provides knowledge and flexibility from e-learning and combines it with the practical, team-based development from classic team building from eg consultants and courses.

It consists of short, focused videos, each of which ends in a concrete team exercise or discussion to be solved jointly within and by the team.

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We do online team development
that doesn't cost a fortune

We help some of the best companies to attract, develop and retain skilled and happy teams and employees.

Our platform is for everyone. Both the large, global companies with +1000 employees and the small startups that have only just started.

That's what Gurubeam is passionate about. Teams that thrive and use their special strengths to jointly create extraordinary value for their surroundings.


Team development
must be

There are many good excuses for not prioritizing team development in the everyday work life.

Lack of time, money or tools should not be one of them.

Therefore, we have cut all the hassle away and created a tool that you can use in everyday life with your team one hour at a time at a completely uncomplicated price.


»We need to develop as a team, so it's great to see how they engage in the Beam sessions.

I think Gurubeam is nothing short of an ingenious way
to develop teams.

Lene Bach Randers, Mekoprint
Customer Service & Project Manager

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