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Pufin ID

Pufin ID is a tech growth company that verifies the authenticity of physical products through digital codes, for example in the fashion industry. The company has approx. 20 employees with high international diversity.

Read how Pufin ID uses Gurubeam to continuously develop their teams and attract new talent in a busy everyday life at a high pace and with towering ambitions.

Team Colleagues Pufin ID


»It is important to have the right tools in a tech scaleup like ours, where we are busy, growing, working cross-functionally and need something that makes it simple to develop our teams continuously.«

Chief Operating Officer, Pufin ID

Team Colleagues at Pufin ID Denmark

Why Does Pufin ID
Use Gurubeam?



What do you want to achieve with your team development?

Line Klit Olsen, COO of Pufin ID, describes that it is important for them to develop a healthy work culture with a focus on employee development, but that the pace requires a special effort for them:

“I want to create a great team and create a culture where we engage the team in developing the team ourselves. We must be a great place to work, so we can attract the right people and succeed well on our journey. And then I want us to do it in a way that fits into our situation as a tech growth company with insanely talented international employees. ”


What solutions did you consider to achieve your goal?

For Pufin ID, Gurubeam is a flexible solution that fits really well into their context:

“We could easily use external consultants. But it would quickly become hugely expensive and time consuming. And it fits in really badly because the team is growing so fast. Then we would always lack the opportunity to be able to repeat the sessions and it would be really expensive. ”


Why did you choose Gurubeam?

“Gurubeam is a really good solution for us, which makes it easy to develop the team continuously, so it does not become something we only do once a year – and this is especially important because our team is constantly growing".

"I have chosen to delegate responsibility for the process and ensure that everyone on the entire team gets to work together during the course. In this way, we all become better at working together – and developing the team goes from being something that I have to do, as a leader, to being something that everyone is involved in taking responsibility for ”.


Pufin ID
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Employees: 20
Industry: Technology

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How Do Pufin ID Use Gurubeam?


COURSE: High Performance Teams – a course designed specifically to unfold the team's highest potential, unity and level of performance.

BEAMS: The course consists of five highly engaging team sessions of approx. one hour duration per. Beam.

HOW: At Pufin ID, new colleagues are constantly being added to the team, and they work in many different team contexts. Therefore, they run the process several times, so that all employees get to work together. The responsibility for running the sessions is delegated to three team members.

FREQUENCY: The team training consists of approx. one Beam per month.

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