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Mekoprint is a family-owned company founded in 1954. Today, they have +500 employees spread over 40,000 square meters of production sites in Europe. The company's flexible production in Denmark, Eastern Europe and Asia offers global delivery with 100% tailor-made solutions for industrial and electronics companies.

Mekoprint, which in 2021 was named Denmark's 11th Best Workplace (Great Place to Work®).

Team Colleagues at Mekoprint


»I think Gurubeam is nothing short of an ingenious way to develop teams.«

Customer Service & Project Manager, Mekoprint


Why Does Mekoprint 
Use Gurubeam?


What would you like to achieve with your teams?

Lene Randers, Head of Customer Service and Project Manager at Mekoprint, has four project managers who refer to her. This means that she both has a fixed team, but also has loosely linked teams. "I have some great people like that in my team. But we also need to develop as a team."

She believes that it is important to have a strong team, with a high degree of trust, good discussions and strong cooperation. Therefore, she wants to develop her permanent team of project managers, and then also the project managers' teams.

However, the company's rapid growth makes it difficult for Lene and Mekoprint's HR department to find the time:

"As a leader, I do not have time at all to work with team development, and due to our growth, our skilled HR does not have the capacity."


Why is team development important to you?

Mekoprint chose Gurubeam's High Performance Teams series as a complement to their already strong efforts to become a great workplace.

Mekoprint describes that they work together to set the standard for customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, social responsibility and economic growth with leading, sustainable production. It requires extremely skilled and committed employees – from production employees to management – who all work together to achieve Mekoprint's own and their customers' common goal with the motto: We create together.

For Mekoprint, well-being, job satisfaction and strong collaboration are therefore a core value. The backbone of Mekoprint's business has always been its team-based community, where everyone contributes to the positive development of the company and where management recognizes that the best ideas often come from the colleagues who work closest to the processes during the working day.

According to Mekoprint's own surveys, 97% of their employees say that "all in all, Mekoprint is a really good place to work." Likewise, 96% say "I'm proud to tell other people that I work here." (Mekoprint)


Why do you use Gurubeam?

“The cool thing about Gurubeam is that it just works. It's so easy and simple! It's just cool to feel the way the team opens up to each other. And then it is enormously easy to roll out and get the team involved. When yes, and then the price .. ”

"I think Gurubeam is nothing short of an ingenious way of developing teams."

Mekoprint Logo White on Black
Mekoprint as Denmark's 11th Best Workplace in 2021
Team Building at Mekoprint Denmark
Mekoprint A/S
Location: Støvring, Denmark
Employees: +500
Industry: Production

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Production Worker at Mekoprint Denmark

How does Mekoprint use Gurubeam?


COURSE: High Performance Teams that are designed specifically to unfold the team's highest potential, unity and level of performance.

BEAMS: The course consists of five highly engaging team sessions of approx. one hour duration per. Beam.

HOW: At Mekoprint, the good development starts from the top. Therefore, they started by running the High Performance Teams process through for the project managers together. Next, they each take the course with them to their respective project teams.

FREQUENCY: Mekoprint's team training consists of approx. one Beam every other week.

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