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Arne Elkjær

Consulting Engineers

Arne Elkjær is a consulting construction engineering company. They currently have 50 employees and work based on a targeted work culture with a focus on balance and well-being.

Read how Arne Elkjær uses Gurubeam in their vision of being the best workplace with 100% harmony between employees' work and private lives. (

Team Colleagues at Arne Elkjær Consulting Engineers


»We want to be a great place to work and good business. To succeed, we need to have the right people and give them the opportunities to perform optimally. Gurubeam is a tool that supports it.«


Arne Elkjær Consulting Engineers Aarhus

Why does Arne Elkjær
use Gurubeam?


What would you like to achieve with your team development?

“It is important for me to be very clear that we must be both a fantastic workplace and a good business. I want to strengthen a culture where people are loyal and want to stay. And then it's important to me that I have selected some leaders with personality who can develop their teams. Gurubeam just fits in really well as a tool to give us a common language", says Kasper Fey-Hansen, CEO of Arne Elkjær.

What solutions had you considered to achieve your goal of becoming the best workplace?

"Before we discovered Gurubeam, we used to use external consultants and trainers, and I also taught a lot myself."


Why is team development important to you?

"Being a learning organization with the development of the individual and the team is important to us for several reasons. It is absolutely crucial to retain our talented colleagues, keep us interesting to our customers and to be interesting to potential new colleagues."


Why did you choose Gurubeam?

“Because Gurubeam makes it so easy to do team development in a very manageable way. And then it becomes something we do on an ongoing basis, rather than it becoming something we do on a rare occasion. And then it just works really well. We have run the first 4 Beams through and are now moving forward with the High Performance Team process. ”

"The energy and commitment of the company and of Daniel, coupled with an easily accessible solution that helps us create a common language, seemed interesting and right to us - which we have been reaffirmed since then".

What has Gurubeam done for you as a team and business?

"The balance between our ambition to be both a good workplace and a strong company is one of our most important benchmarks and requires a common thread in everything we do. The basis for success is to have the right people and to give them the opportunities to to perform optimally. Gurubeam is one of the tools that supports us in this work ".

"My teams are happy to have a common platform and a common language, as well as not least specific topics to hold meetings from. It is definitely rewarding for us as a company".


»Gurubeam helps us create a common language.«

CEO, Arne Elkjær


Team Meeting at Arne Elkjær Consulting Engineers
Two Male Team Colleagues at Arne Elkjær Consulting Engineers

How does Arne Elkjær use Gurubeam?


COURSE: Arne Elkjær has bought full access to the Beam series Team Essentials and High Performance Teams.

BEAMS: The company has access to a total of eight highly committed team sessions, each with its own topic of approx. one hour duration per. Beam.

HOW: At Arne Elkjær, it is important that the development and maintenance of a good working environment is a joint effort. Therefore, they started using resp. The Team Essetials and High Performance Teams series for the management staff. Next, they each take the course with them to their respective teams.

FREQUENCY: Arne Elkjær's team training consists of approx. one Beam each month.

Learn More About The High Performance Teams Series
Arne Elkjær Consulting Engineers
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Employees: 50
Industry: Civil engineer consulting

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